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Where do Dev Prabhavs Reside?


A brilliant science graduate came to us to share his doubts for clarification. He said that you people believe that you get dev Parbavas-Dev Jyoti and Dev Tej from your most worshipful Bhagwan Devatma, even when he is no more on earth. You attribute your success in bringing about changes for the better due to your commune with Bhagwan Devatma. All this rests on your belief in Parlok.

Dev Dharmi - Dev Dharma believes in Parlok, that is, a man after his death can and does live with subtle body on a subtle earth under certain conditions. Have you read our book 'Life after death' ?

Inquirer - Yes, I have read it. I feel inclined to believe in Parlok. But as a science student I have certain doubts. You will agree with me that the belief in Parlok is not as well established as the law of gravitation. When you jump, you come down and it happens every time.

Again, there are some puzzles. If a subtle body were photographed by ordinary camera in the past instances, which were crude instruments as compared with cameras of today, the medical science should be able to see the existence of subtle cells in the body through CAT scan, still better through?

Again, Astronomy has advanced so much at it has been able to see galaxies billions and billions miles away from earth, so sensitive our telescopes. If there were subtle earth, telescopes should have been able to spot the subtle earth.

Yet the 'automatic writing' reveals information which neither the 'medium' nor the family members know!

Dev Dharmi - There are puzzles as you say.

They donot disprove the belief in Parlok. You know modern physics finds that certain phenomena can be explained by regarding matter as particle and certain other phenomena are explained by regarding matter as wave. Now matter cannot be both particle and wave. But scientists live with this puzzle about matter.

Inquirer - I agree that these puzzles do not disprove belief in Parlok. A fact or two do not overthrow a theory.

Dev Dharmi - What are you driving at?

Inquirer - It is logically possible that there is no parlok as it was logically possible that the law of gravitation does not function in outer space. Let us take this logical possibility. If there is no Parlok will the world be deprived of Dev Jyoti and Dev Tej or Dev Prabhavas? This is my worry. I am anxious to know what will happen to this new factor of human deliverance.

Dev Dharmi - Your question is legitimate. If there is no life after death, will Dev Dharma be deprived of Dev Jyoti and Dev Tej? Our answer is 'No'. We hold that Dev Shastra is full of Dev Jyoti and Dev Tej. It is full of illumination with truths about the nature of human soul, it’s law of health and disease, its destiny.

Inquirer - Please explain it further.

Dev Dharmi When we read a book on physics we feel illuminated with knowledge about the physical world, though we know next to nothing as to who discovered those truths. When we read a book on biology we are illumined with knowledge about living things. What you read are not black marks of certain shape. Words are not just black marks, they carry in them meaning and light of the writer. Dev Shastra is Dev Bani.

Inquirer - I follow that sentences carry truths as they carry falsehood. Dev Bani carries light of truth about human soul, its origin, nature, growth, development and death.

Dev Dharmi - Words do not only carry light. They carry force too. It is said 'pen is mightier than the sword’. Words can set a city on fire, words can console, bring peace, as they can excite and bring revolution.

Inquirer - Can you illustrate how Dev Bani carries light and power?

Dev Dharmi - Principal P. V. Kanal writes how Dev Bani illuminated him with truth and changed his life to devote himself to the service of others. He writes in his autobiography My Story how he was changed altogether by reading Bhagwan Devatma's jubilee address Atma Katha.

"I got that book at a place where I had gone to see some body. I opened the book and read a few lines. They had a galvanic effect on me. I felt dazed by the splendour of the truths which dawned on me. I sat in amazement but revelling in them. At that time I may have been taken for one lost to himself. After some time I recovered. I got up and went home.“

"From the next day, I started studying it. This one book converted me for all times. I could never thereafter belong to the world. I wrote scores of letters to Bhagwan on the unique favour he had conferred on me by giving publicity to that master-piece. I used to kiss that book, keep it on my eyes and sometimes weep out of joy. My outlook on life underwent a great metamorphosis. I saw as if with physical eyes - so vivid and definite was the impression-that the safety of every human soul lay only in one thing and that is that he should unite himself irrevocably with the grand process of evolution or constructive process in Nature and that he coveted his sure death who outraged it or went into antagonism with. I I came to realize that self-based lower desires and passions-now known as low love and low hates - produce man's disharmony with the evolutionary process and make him spiritually insane and callous, I came to realize that he banked for safety who developed altruistic powers and devoted his time a energy to building others or serving a cause beneficial for others. Life of low self horrified me and life of devotion and sacrifice for noble cause fascinated me. By such consciousness developed salutary fear of sins and untruths and powerful leaning to life of service. This is the main reason why I began devoting all spare time in doing some service to my society, my fellow sewaks and others."

Inquirer - I think Principal Kanalji was already a Sewak and had darshan of Bhagwan many times. Were there persons influenced by Devatma's influences who had no contact with him, and hence no question of commune could arise?

Dev Dharmi - Sardar Jamiat Singh ji read Bhawan Devatma's Dev Bani in a copy of an Urdu journal edited by Devatma. He had never so far met Devatma or his disciples There was no question of commune with Devatma's soul at that time. His communication was with Dev Bani and he was conver ted for all time.

Devatma's Dev Bani exists in the form of Dev Shastra and Mujh Mein Dev Jiwan Ka Vikas. Those who develop faith, reverence and love for his words become recipient Dev Jyoti and Dev Tej for their soul.

Inquirer - I now understand bow some writings or poems by anonymous writers and poets influence life of the readers. The words are live wires and influence people according to their capacity for responsiveness. I follow that even if for the sake of argument there no life after death, Dev Jyoti and Dev Tej wi11 continue to illumine the minds of adhikari atmas. Thank you for removing ill doubt. I feel happy that Dtv Jyoti and De Tej will remain available independent of what future investigations may say about about nature of life after death.